What do Students Like About Pasco High?


It’s nearly the end of the school year and many students can’t wait for school to be finally over. While there’s not that much time left, it had me thinking about what students like about this school. The first thing I had to do was ask them of course and so I did, I asked ten students about what they liked about Pasco High. I received many similar comments from everyone but also unique ones, hopefully this could show you a better and prettier side to Pasco High!! 


Abi Bahena: “What I like about Pasco High is how we have ESL classes for non-English speaking students.” 


Ashlee Melendez: “A thing I like about Pasco High it’s that it’s a very diverse school, it’s nice that there’s a lot of diversity because it helps later on in the future.” 


Alonzo Trevino: “I like how the teachers are with students and how they do their best and hardest no matter what.” 


America Ferrales: “I like how there’s teachers that are passionate about their jobs and actually help their students succeed.” 


Alexzandra Cisneros: “What I particularly like about Pasco High is how even if we don’t know each other we still get along, it’s like a friendly bond.” 


Damaris Avila: “What I like are the teachers because they try their best and hardest so we could learn better.” 


Daisy Esquivel: “I really like how helpful it is to students and how there’s teachers who give them more on hand things instead of just letting them wander around.” 


Kaitlyn Lopez: “What I like about this school would have to be the sports because all of your teammates and coaches make it fun for everyone.” 


Klarissa Andrade: “Things I like about Pasco High are the community, how most people know each other and how it’s a close school.” 


Miguel Corona: “I really like how Pasco High is very friendly, like the staff you know, it’s just a friendly environment.”