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Five Nights at Freddys lore explained

As we anxiously waited for the movie to come out on October 27, many FNAF (five nights of Freddy). Fans were so excited, as it was literally a part of a lot of our childhoods. Some of us grew up with the fnaf game, wanting a movie about it. Since there were always fan-made animated videos about fnaf.

On social media, a lot of fans on the day of the movie’s release went to the next level and cosplayed the animatronics, which consisted of Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, Spring Trap, etc. which was pretty cool to see. It can be a little confusing if you don’t know about the fnaf lore.

The movie was directed by Emma Tammi and based on Five Nights at Freddy’s; by Scott Cawthon. Filming started in February 2023 and finished in April. It is about “A troubled security guard begins working at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. While spending his first night on the job, he realizes the late shift at Freddy’s won’t be so easy to make it through.” 

It’s streaming everywhere now, I highly recommend it… My favorite scene is when they are killing those intruders that break into the pizzeria to destroy everything!

The FNAF lore

A guy named William Afton from England moved to a small town called “Hurricane” with him and his wife and three kids. In the small town, he meets a guy named Henry with his own kid. They become good friends they decide to open up a business that is a family diner that sells cake and pizza, the main attraction is the two animatronic suits that can either be animatronic or spring lock into suits that humans wear. Henry wore the Freddy suit and William wore the Bonnie suit. The business skyrocketed from there on, Fazbears Family Diner. They opened another branch called Freddy Fazbears Pizza where he creates four new animatronics, called Bonnie, Chica, Freddy, and Foxy. Something about William Afton he was a complete lunatic and absolute psychopath. For this reason, it is assumed that Henry created an animatronic called the puppet to protect his daughter Charlie from danger. One day in Freddy Fazbear Pizza, Henry’s daughter charlie gets locked outside the pizzeria, and the puppet can’t save charlie because it was stuck in a box. As William pulls into the driveway, he ends up murdering Charlie, dragging her into an alley. Once the puppet finally gets out of the box, it goes outside to protect Charlie, only to find her dead. The next thing that happens is that Charlie’s Spirit inhabits the puppet. So now it’s possessed by Charlie’s spirit. Henry lost its only child. William has 2 sons and a daughter. The younger son is called Evan and the older one is Mike. Evan is scared of the animatronics, and Mike sees this as a wonderful opportunity to prank Evan. On Evan’s birthday party, Mike decides to put Evan near the mouth of the animatronic version of Freddy for a big kiss. Instead, the spring locks on the suit failed and due to the moisturizer of the tears which ends up causing the animatronic to bite down on Evan killing him, making it the bite of 83. The death of its younger son was enough to spiral Wlliam Aftons mind into even more chaos and psychotic behavior. He ends up luring five children into the safe room of Freddy Fazbears Pizza dressed up as Spring bonnie from which he then kills them. He put the children’s body into the animatronics he designed to fit a kids body. No one was able to find evidence, the puppet (Charlie) was witnessing this she decides to assist the children. But there are five children and four suits, the extra child was stuffed into the Golden Fredbear costume. So now there are 6 kids souls stuck into the animatronics. William Afton ends up getting fired from its own company and the restaurant is closed down due to health violations. William Afton didn’t stop there, after the closure of Freddy Fazbears Pizza he decides to make a new company called Afton robotics, and he opens up a new location specifically designed to murder children. He discovered a way to become immortal, introducing remnant, when the kids die they release this material called remnant which bonds your soul onto something. This is basically how the missing children and Charlie were able to possess the spirits of the animatronics. He uses this information to create the circus baby, who was able to lure children in with games and then crush them inside her stomach. Elisabeth Afton’s daughter is here at this private party to unveil the new location in the franchise. Until Elizabeth gets a little too close to circus baby and gets killed. The circus baby pizza world was shut down due to some gas leak. He kept the animatronics for rental. William sent his only son Mike to locate Elizabeth’s soul, who is trapped inside the circus baby. Mike survives almost the fourth night, where technicians were instructed to scoop out the shells of the animatronics. Soon enough, all the animatronics get scooped, and they all combine their parts of their endoskeleton into a megazird known as Ennard. On the fourth night, Mike ends up finding himself in the scooping machine. Turns out, circus baby true intentions was to scoop Mike organs and make some room for Ennard to chill in there. He gets scooped, and his remnant keep his soul alive whilst Ennard makes his way inside the corpse to escape the complex. That makes the four animatronics in the movie featured. 

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