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A review of the Inside Out movie

A review of the Inside Out movie

The Inside Out movie is good because it shows someone young how to deal with anger and different emotions everyone deals with.

In the beginning of the story, Riley’s parents tell her that they are moving. But sadly, Riley did not want to move away from her childhood house, so her reaction was instantly shutting down and crying and that soon led to anger.

All her emotions about moving so far away from friends and home were triggering her to slam doors instead of talking it out with her parents. She isolated herself from the outside world and parents instead of enjoying it before it was time to move.

When Joy would make Riley happy with all the good memories, Sadness would touch a sad core memory which quickly made Riley breakdown into tears.

On the first day of school, Riley had to stand up in front of the classroom and introduce herself. As she was talking about herself, there was a sad core memory that she came across which made her start crying in front of the class.

After awhile, Riley adapted to their new home, made new friends, and adjusted to the hobbies she had before moving. When Bing Bong said, “Take her to the moon for me,” I got a teary eye because it gave me sad flashbacks from stuff that happened in my family.

Re-watching the movie is healing to some people because it’s a reminder that it’s ok to have different emotions. Yes, it is ok to have different emotions, but people also need to know how to deal with them and cope with them in good ways 

Other people watching the movie may think it’s triggering because of all the emotions and them not knowing how to cope with all them. But sitting down and understanding the movie thoroughly will be good for them to see the end result, knowing that it is going to be ok at the end of all the ups and downs.

When I interviewed my teacher, Miss Adams, I asked her what her favorite part of the movie was. She said, “My favorite part from Inside Out was when Riley went to her room and slammed the door curled up in a ball on her bed and started crying.” I then asked her why this was her favorite part and she said, “Well, because that’s a perfect way of showing how she handled the situation in a bad way.”

To whoever is reading this, there is always a reason for things to happen and learning how to cope with it the right way is the best thing to do. 

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