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Student Spring Fever?!


Trimester three- the last three months of the school year and arguably one of the hardest trimesters for a high school student. But why is this? 

Trimester three begins in March, right around the time that the weather is warming up and the countdown to summer break has officially begun. This excitement for most of us; however, quickly transforms into what I would like to call a “student spring fever”, and often we may not even realize it- until it is too late. 

The best way I could describe a student’s spring fever is a sudden drop in motivation. As students, we have been in a consistent routine for seven months, with no break lasting longer than two weeks for the holiday season. We have dealt with adjusting to new schedules, the stress that comes with class assignments and tests, relationship or friendship drama, balancing extracurricular activities, and so on. We’ve survived many late nights and early mornings and pushed through school days that felt eternal. So, by the time we hit month seven, a lot of us may feel unmotivated to finish strong. This is normal and we all experience it. However, it is important that we do not let this battle negatively influence our success as students and individuals. Here are 5 tips for working through the notorious “student spring fever” you are most likely experiencing right now.  

  • Set timers!  

You may be confused by this first tip, but this strategy works. Let me explain. Often at the end of the year when we lose the motivation to get our work completed on time, it piles up quickly. Then we continue to put it off because we may feel overwhelmed or uninterested in completing it. Instead of avoiding it entirely, try sitting down and setting a 30-minute timer where you strictly only work on your assignments during that time frame. See what happens, you might surprise yourself! If 30-minutes feels too long, try 20-minutes, or even 10. Start somewhere. When you dedicate a specific amount of time to focusing strictly on your assignments, work won’t continue to pile up and you may not feel as overwhelmed every day.  

  • Take time for yourself!  

This second tip is probably the most critical thing we can do for ourselves, and finding ways to take care of ourselves is a life skill that you can take with you beyond high school. For many of us, this may look like scrolling TikTok or watching Netflix, because that helps distract us from what’s on our minds. We all do it. However, I encourage you to find something that gets you off your phone- something more intentional- to take care of yourself. Examples of this include going to the gym, going on walks outside, playing a sport or musical instrument, or even journaling. Find something that brings you joy and helps you feel refreshed at the same time. We are more successful when we feel good, so don’t forget to take care of yourself.  

  • Make that to-do list! 

When every single due date, assignment, and life event we have going on is stuck hanging out in our brains, something important is bound to either be forgotten or accidentally slip through the cracks. That is why I love this third tip and rely on it daily.  Finding a way to get our tasks from our brain to a place where we can physically see them may help us complete them. Use a planner, sticky notes, or even the notes app on your phone to help you accomplish what you need to and feel more organized. Some may do this every morning, every week, or whenever they need a little extra support during those hectic times of life. In addition to the accountability that comes from writing your tasks down, there is a spark of pride that you may feel when you can cross something off your list after you have completed it. Who doesn’t love that feeling, right?! 

  • Set boundaries and stick to them!  

We have all told ourselves “I’m going to work on my homework when I get home tonight.”, and then before we know it, we are at the mall or the movies with our friends. Naturally, as teenagers and human beings, we don’t want to miss out on fun activities or the chance to spend time with our friends- especially if it means missing out on being at home doing homework. But the truth is, learning to fulfill the boundaries you set for yourself is helping you develop healthy life skills that will stay with you. Sometimes to become successful in your classes, you have to say no to other activities or opportunities, and that is okay (even though it can be hard)! By setting boundaries with our schoolwork, our friends can develop a stronger level of respect for us, because they know that while we value their friendship, we also value our education. And just remember, true friends will understand this. 

  • Maintain a routine! 

Last but not least, is the power of a good daily routine! During trimester three this one can be the hardest to follow through with at times, but that is where sticking to your boundaries comes into play. If you have a morning routine that helps you wake up and feel ready for the day, don’t get lazy now that there is only a month left of school. Maintain it and continue showing up for yourself. If you have been good about going to bed at a decent time, don’t get casual now because it is lighter and longer. Our minds and our bodies thrive in consistency, so even if everything around you is changing, don’t let it affect the routines and healthy habits you have worked hard at creating for yourself! This will give you the small push to successfully make it to the finish line. 

Being in high school is not an easy task, and it may seem like so much is expected of you! Thankfully, we are all in this together though, and hopefully, by taking these tips into action, you can start noticing small and steady momentum build to bring you to the finish line! Student spring fever is real and can be extremely contagious if we are not careful, but this remedy may be the answer to working past that small bump in the road. Let’s finish this year strong!  

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