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Why music is a useful tool

Why music is a useful tool

Music can be helpful in many different ways and is a tool I use daily. Even though it can be used incorrectly, I feel the benefit of music is overall greater than the downsides.

According to an article I read titled, “How Music Can Help You Study”, music is one of the go to ways for many students to get focused and study. “When it comes to studying for an exam, many students find that one of the best ways to stay focused no matter where they are is through listening to music,” Theresa Schempp says.

On the other hand, depending on who it is, music can cause you to get distracted and have a negative impact on your learning experience. Listening to music while studying or doing any other task might not effect everyone the same way. Also, the tempo or the intensity of what you may be listening to can also have an effect on what it is you might be doing while listening to your songs.

Music is also very useful for your mental health an anxiety levels. Schempp’s article mentions, “One study found that people who listen to music in either a casual or focused way had higher scores for mental wellbeing and reduced levels of anxiety” (Schempp, 2023).

When I go on long or even quick runs I always enjoy taking a speaker to keep me company throughout and I feel it does make the experience feel quicker and easier. If I’m running long distance a speaker is something I often take and if a good song comes on you can get a burst of energy and go faster than you usually would go.

I personally like to use music throughout most of my day. While in class or doing homework music will always help me drown out other noise and focus more on what I am currently working on. Right now, while I’m writing this article, I have music in my headphones and I can say I have been productive and on task throughout my writing.

Overall, music can make the most unenjoyable task a little more fun and can make tasks you do enjoy even better. If you’re feeling down and just want a boost of energy, or just want to chill out, music is always a good way to get in the right mood.

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