Poverty and Suffrage


Jose Rodriguez, Site Manager

We all know that poverty has been an issue for a long time now and that it is all over the world with some countries having more or increased poverty than other countries. All over the world, especially in places like South Sudan there is an 82.30% poverty rate which is the highest of any country around the world. That is bad considering that so many families are struggling to get by from day to day because they could barely afford to get food so they can feed their children let alone being able to send them to school so they can get an education because they can’t do that in extreme poverty. Which undoubtedly puts many families in desperate need of help and luckily there are people that try to help these poverty struck countries and families by supplying them with clothes and food and building schools for kids to go to.

There are still many families though that need help and support because not every country that is stuck in poverty can be helped all at once. Everywhere we look we see children that are malnourished and some of them even homeless because their parents can’t afford to take care of them. All in all, we can all agree that poverty is a topic that is very important to know about and that everybody wants to do their part to help because it really is sad that there are families and children that have nothing, and they must fight to survive because their life isn’t easy. This makes poverty a topic that is talked about by everyone and why it is important to learn about so that we know what is going on and how we can come up with solutions to help with poverty and end it so no more countries have to suffer from it.