The last Hoco for many


Klarissa Andrade and Alexis Kinsey

On October 15th Pasco High had their homecoming game and senior night. The students were there dressed in pink head to toe due to the football game theme “Pink Out” and the families gathered to celebrate the last year of their kids before the game started. Other students, family members, and staff were there to show their support to their fellow athletes. As all of the senior football, cheer, dance, band, and swim headed down to the field, staff and coaches handed out flowers to each student to congratulate them. As students start coming down to this bittersweet moment.

Speaking to the drum major Jonathan Fritz, he said “It was honestly a bittersweet moment. After having such a different type of season my first two years it was disappointing at first that we couldn’t have all of the opportunities we used to. However we still had such a fun show and such a close group of band students that by the end I was so thankful for everything we were able to accomplish. I’m really sad that this part of band is done for me, at least in high school, and I only wish we had more time to perform. I’m beyond proud of how our final show went. We looked great and sounded great and had so much fun performing and by the end it truly felt like the best final show I could’ve had.”

Fall sports are coming to an end which also means it will be the end of the seniors’ last season of fall sports. Violet Silvia said, “I’m grateful I was able to have a somewhat normal fall sports season my senior year after missing like a year and a half.”

During half time the audience got an introduction of Pasco High School’s 2021 homecoming court. Each winner for princess or queen, got to walk across the track and were congratulated on their win. Each class had two homecoming princesses and seniors had one homecoming queen. These girls were the top voted out of the nominees there were.

For freshman princess we had Mariah Guzman Macias and Destiny Soto, for sophomore princess we had Yesenia Morales and K’mwee Hser, for junior princess we had Gabby Aceves and Madison Galvez, Lastly For seniors we had Yarelly Ramirez, Karla Martinez, and our Homecoming queen Desiree Perez.

Each of these girls were crowned and given a sash and the girls walked in front of many different students and families. I spoke with one of the winners about the feeling of being out there

“It felt kind of normal. Standing there I wasn’t nervous because I cheer every Friday, so I’m used to being in front of the audience, A lot of them are my friends. Once they called my name that’s when it really hit me,” says Gabby Aceves, Junior homecoming princess.

Continuing the conversation of nerves and feelings towards the audience, I asked another homecoming court winner on how it feels knowing many of those families and students are supporting you and how it feels realizing this is one high school achievement you’ll get to experience until you graduate. “It felt amazing winning Homecoming Queen.  I am grateful that all that all my friends and family were there to support me on my big night as Senior and Homecoming Queen. It was bittersweet,” says Desiree Perez, Senior homecoming queen.