School Lunch Should Be More Flexible for Students


Here at Pasco high our lunch is only 30 minutes, and we cannot change our lunch periods. Whether it’s because students want to hang out with friends, lunch is too short they get to class late or can’t enjoy their meal without being rushed, whatever their reason is students should have a flexible lunch schedule. 

Recent studies show that 30-minute lunches are not enough for students to have their lunch breaks. Most of the time, their time runs out fast because it takes time to get to the cafeteria, wait in line for your food, go to the bathroom and that leaves students with 10-15 minutes to actually eat their lunch. Not having enough time to eat, students can get under nourished and tend to become sick often miss more school days causing their grades to drop. Healthy eating habits are important for students because it helps with health growth and mental development. Some kids need to catch up on work from other classes but can’t do it after school, so they go during lunch, and they no longer get to get those nutritions.  

A student here at Pasco High, had something to say about lunch being too short, “we should have a longer lunch because lots of kids get back to class late, since it’s not enough time for us to eat. Also, because school lunch gets crowded, and it takes a while to get lunch and find a seat.” 

Lunch periods should be switchable as well, other studies show that according to the Federal Rules of the National School Lunch Program says lunches should be served by 10 AM to 2 PM, for some students that might be too early for them to eat lunch so they don’t have breakfast because their lunch is already early and not eating breakfast can affect concentration. Or others many think their lunch is too late in the afternoon and they get hungry, they stop paying attention in class and their stomach may start to growl and they could feel embarrassed. Researchers have said that eating alone can cause negative outcomes for students who have lunch alone. For example, depression, high blood pressure, mental and health conditions get affected. Eating alone can develop many mental disorders, for example, depression, eating disorder, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, anxiety eating around people and other conditions that can affect an individual when eating alone. 

Another student at Pasco High had something to say about the situation on lunch being switchable, “people can get anxiety going to lunch knowing that they will not have anyone to eat with or talk to. Being with your friends during lunch can put you in a better mood and get your energy up so you won’t be sleepy in class. What is the reason you can’t change lunches is the question? What’s wrong with wanting to have a good lunch with people you like to be around with? I see no problem and it’s so simple for a counselor to change a lunch, doesn’t take that long.” 

Overall, lunch should be more manageable/flexible for students. If the school/district really cared about the students well-being and academics they would do anything for the students if it would help them achieve something.