Drug usage in PHS


Unfortunately, drugs like marijuana, alcohol, pills etc… have become more and more common in society but more specifically amongst teenagers. Popular music like Hip Hop and psychedelic rock and famous people like Snoop Dogg and Willy Nelson have had a huge impact on this process by making drugs seem cool and blissful all while ignoring the negative effects. But just how often do you find a student attending Pasco High School that uses some sort of substance? And how do you find an answer?

By conducting anonymous interviews with 15 random students in PHS, I will see how many students out of 15 partake in some sort of substance (excluding rightfully used prescription drugs) and get a partial answer as to how often drug usage is in our High school.

After finishing all 15 anonymous interviews with random students, I’ve discovered that 9/15  students at Pasco High use a substance to get through the day. The most popular, to nobody’s surprise, being marijuana with 5 users out of 15, followed by alcohol with 3 users and finally 1 student I interviewed was using some deeper stuff. The remaining 6 were in fact completely sober.

Be that as it may drugs are still being used more often then not here at Pasco High and I advise you stay weary of who your friends are if drugs are a big thing for you. Even the most common of drugs can have negative effects on you especially at such a young age, it is highly recommended that you stay away from them and only use them when it is necessary.