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What are the most watched scary movies during October?


Now that October has come to an end, it’s time to see what the most watched scary movies were or what were people’s favorite scary movies to watch during spooky season. The best way to see people’s favorite scary movies was by interviewing people and seeing what people enjoy the most. There are many genres of scary movies. There are thrillers, paranormal movies, gore movies etc. I was surprised to see what the most popular was among the people I interviewed and what they preferred to watch during the time of year. Everyone has different preferences and it was fun to see what people like and dislike.

Among most of the people I interviewed, a lot of them said that their favorite scary movie was The Conjuring. One of the interviews I had done was with a classmate, Keyra, who said, “I liked all of the Conjuring movies, they are all really good and I enjoy watching the movie any time of the year. They are very well-put-together movies the way they film the movies is amazing because it doesn’t seem forced but rather very realistic. What makes them even better is that the movie is based on a true story which makes the movies even better.” The Conjuring is a great movie not just for Halloween but also just to watch a movie that keeps you off the edge of your seat.

I interviewed another student, Evelyn, and they said The Conjuring: the devil made me do it. It seems that many people are liking the paranormal-based movies. That same person said, “I really like the whole concept of this specific Conjuring movie, it just leaves you off the edge of your seat the whole time you’re watching it and you never know what’s going to happen next. I also like the fact that this whole storyline of The Conjuring is based on a true story.” I think that The Conjuring is such a popular movie among paranormal-based movies because they are based on a true story and that makes you want to watch it even more knowing that these events that are happening on screen had happened in real life.

I had asked older people as well and they had picked very different movies. I feel like from what I have heard from people who grew up in the 80s and 90s, because of that time period the movies that they watched as a kid weren’t as scary as what teenagers watch today but were very much scary to them. I interviewed my mom who isn’t much of a scary movie person and doesn’t enjoy watching them what her favorite was to watch during Halloween. She said when she was growing up and even now her favorite scary movie was ‘The Candyman’. As a kid that was my favorite scary movie to watch and as a kid me and my siblings had always gotten scared watching it and would watch it every Halloween. It may not be as scary now but when I was a kid it always kept me off the edge of my seat and sometimes I would get so scared after watching it that I would sleep with my parents for a couple of days cause I was too scared to sleep alone.” I have never watched The Candyman but I have seen movies that were in that time period and they weren’t as scary as the movies you see today.

Many other people I interviewed had said Halloween, the Scream movies, and the paranormal activity movies. To my surprise, very few people talked about Friday the 13th. It’s a very popular movie but it also contains a lot of gore so it can be a tough movie to watch if you can’t watch that kind of movie or if you cringe at blood and human organs like I do. In all, After interviewing many people it seems that people would rather watch movies that aren’t filled with a bunch of violence and gore but rather watch movies that keep you off the edge of your seat and have some sort of interesting backstory to it or is based on a true story as well as also having someone being possessed by a ghost with a depressing and violent back story and I agree with those people because movies like that are what in my opinion is what good scary movie looks like.

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