Silverwood Ride Rating


Now that spring is coming close here in Washington, all I can think about is summer and all the summer activities waiting for me. One of them, also my favorite is my family’s annual trip to Idaho for one reason and one reason only, Silverwood. I am a big rollercoaster person because of how many times I’ve been able to ride the rides Silverwood has to offer so today I will be ranking Silverwood’s ‘high intensity’ rides because they are my favorite ones. I will be taking everything into account like how long the ride goes, the waiting lines, and overall, how much I enjoyed the ride for their rating from 1-10. I will be starting from my least favorites to my favorites.

The first ride I will be rating is ‘Velocity Peak’. This one actually has no rating because I’ve never been on it. It is a water slide that you have to climb 100 stairs to get to, then choose one of the three slide options to then slide down a thin layer of water at 55mph. The fact that it’s 2,700 feet of track that is up in the air and a very steep fall makes me turn away every time I see it.

Now getting into an actual rating and not starting very strong is ‘Round-Up’. This ride has you stand and lean against the ride with the smallest, thinnest rope in front of you that basically does nothing. Then the ride is starting, and it spins who knows how fast, all while you’re, what feels like stuck to the wall. 1/10. This is a fair ride, not a Silverwood: Bounder Beach ride.

‘Karzy Kars’ is the next one that also gets a 1/10. It just bumpers cars, I don’t know why Silverwood categorized it as high intensity because it is very lame, and the line just makes it worse. They do have a similar one that is basically the same but on the water with water guns. If you have the chance to go to the theme park, the water bumper cars I better.

This is the last one with a low rating. ‘Panic Plunge’ gets a 1.5/10 and it beat the other two because it always has a very short line… because no one wants to ride it. You get raised 120 feet off the ground, then fall those 120 feet at 47mph. It last about a minute to get up and 30 seconds to get down and adding the time in line you spend like 5-7 minutes on this ride. Save those 7 minutes, very dull, with no excitement, and in my opinion, it just leaves you very lightheaded.

‘Corkscrew’ is the first to get higher than a 2 with a grand 5/10 because this is the first real roller coaster. I take you one lap around 1,250 feet of track at 46mph. It also puts you upside down 2 at just 70 feet up. This ride compared to the next 5 on the list is just alright, it also bounces your head from side to side on the safe overhead belts and you really feel that after you get off.

Now we are entering the top 5 with the first score only just beating number 6 at 5.5/10. ‘Tremors’ takes this title and although it has a low rating for the top five, it is a great ride. 3,000 feet of track, the longest drop being 103 feet while going 63mph and it takes you underground 4 different times. It’s also made to look like it’s entirely made out of old wood and since the ride was made in 1999, you do get a good level of fear. The only thing wrong with it is the line, it’s very popular but it has a very long line usually. It does however take a photo of you going down the biggest drop which you can purchase after you get off.

Spot number 4 goes to ‘Timber Terror’ with a 6/10. This is ‘Tremors’ little brother. They look almost the same with the same old wood look. ‘Timber Terror’ however only takes you on a 2,700 track with an 85-foot drop at 55mph. It takes you underground in zero time and doesn’t take a photo. The only reason why this beat the last ride was that the Silverwood sign that you see when arriving at the park is displayed on the side of this rollercoaster and to me, that is worth 0.5 more points.

‘Stunt Pilot’ take P3 with an 8/10. It’s a recent new addition to the Silverwood in Idaho but it sure doesn’t disappoint. It by far has the faster line in any ride in the park because the ride doesn’t stop, it slows down just enough for you to get on, hand your thing off, and get buckled by a helper and then you’re off. You enjoy 1,800 feet of track, a big fall of 108 feet, 3 different upsides downturn at 52mph and you can also even purchase a photo. The fact that the lines move quickly definitely helped it get this high on the list.

P2 goes to ‘Afterschock’ with 9/10. This ride has, in my mind everything. A vertical drop of 177 feet that you get to experience twice while on the ride, once facing up and then facing down. Not only do you experience the fall two different ways, but the second lap of the ride is also done completely backward. You only go 65.6mph for about three upside-down turns. I’ve only been on this ride twice, but it worked its way really quickly to the runner-up for the best rollercoaster for me.

And now, finally, my favorite ride that got a perfect score of 10/10, ‘Spincycle’. In the words of the Silverwood website, “It’s the first of its kind in the world. A 104-foot-tall thrill ride with a cylindrical-shaped vehicle that seats 24 people facing outward, with legs dangling and wearing only a harness. The vehicle rotates 360 degrees at 13 revolutions per minute while at the same time swings like a giant pendulum all the way upside down 104 feet above the ground bringing riders all the way around over and over again at three and a half times the normal gravitational pull.” I can’t think of a more perfect ride. Since it fits a good amount of people, the line moves relatively quickly. I very much recommend this ride, but I have seen multiple people regret riding it. If you do ride it, when your upside down, look down and you’ll find a smiley face that the workers painted on the bottom.

This is my completed ranking for the Silverwood: Bounder Beach high-intensity rides. If you do experience Silverwood, remember to just go ride the big rides, don’t waste your time on ‘Panic Plunge’.