Enhancement Intervention Review

Enhancement Intervention Review

Enhancement Intervention is a time during the school day where students can make up work, get help from teachers, or just work on stuff for any of their classes.


Students usually sign up for their EI classes on Monday’s where they can sign up for three classes per week here at Pasco High.

From my experience here at Pasco High, I think EI gives students the right amount to work on what they need to have done. Some pros about EI is that if students don’t get to finish up a test or quiz they can always finish it up during EI. It’s helpful to everyone, even students who are all caught up and don’t have anything to work on, since they can be provided with extra activities or just have their free time. EI also keeps the school schedule versatile since you can sign up for any class that’s in your schedule.

Some cons about EI is that there can be a lot of distraction’s since there can be multiple students who you don’t regularly be around with and they might not be doing the right things and instead just mess around. Classes can also be full meaning you can’t sign up for that specific class since there’s already too many people, this is why you have to sign up as fast as you can or at least early if you have the chance.

Overall, EI is a great period throughout the day because it can help you catch up with any class or help you stay on track on whatever class you want to. Student’s should always take advantage during this time so they don’t have to worry about late work or missing work.