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Wing Stop Vs Buffalo Wild Wings


Chicken wings, who doesn’t love them? They’re great for many occasions like, the Super Bowl, parties, snacks, or meals. But the real question is where to get them from. Wingstop or Buffalo Wild Wings? Everyone has their own opinion on the menu, taste, and, prices of each restaurant. Let’s see which wing restaurant people prefer more!

So I put up a poll on Instagram and I asked around some hungry teens, adults, and the faculty at Pasco High School to see which restaurants have the best menu, taste, and, prices!

When I placed up the poll the majority vote was Wingstop, coming in at 70% and the 30% came from Buffalo Wild Wings. Why does Wingstop beat Buffalo Wild Wings? What is so great about it? Let’s find out why people prefer Wingstop over Buffalo Wild Wings.

The first person we interviewed was a local here from Tri-Cities, Nikayla Patrick. She was one of the people who preferred Wingstop over Buffalo Wild Wings. We asked her why, and here’s her response, “Wingstop is just more flavorful and better tasting. The variety of flavors is tastier and there are way more than Buffalo Wild Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings has too many other items on its menu just to be called a wing restaurant. Also, the ranch at Wingstop is unbeatable, it’s so delicious. I always order a LARGE tub of ranch because of how tasty it is.”

We also interviewed two other people, who are students from Pasco High School, and they both also agreed that Wingstop was better than Buffalo Wild Wing. The first student was Zahara. Here’s what she told us, “Wingstop all the way. Buffalo Wild Wings is crusty dusty and the wings there don’t have very much flavor! Whereas Wingstop does and it’s super duper yummilicious!”

The next student we interviewed was Landon. Here’s why he agreed on Wingstop, “Wingstop just makes my mouth water! I love the different flavors they have to offer, and how each month they always come up with a new flavor which always smacks! It’s pretty affordable which is awesome for us broke teens.”

Lastly, we interviewed another Tri-Cities local, Leyla Al-Bermany. She was someone who finally switched it up with her answer. She agreed that Buffalo Wild Wings was better than Wingstop, and here’s why, “Buffalo Wild Wings has a wider variety of options than Wingstop does. The price can be a bit pricier, but it’s so WORTH it! You get much better quality in the meat and it’s much tastier, the chicken is never gamey or undercooked. It’s delicious and flavorful.”

Well, that’s all folks. People have said their opinion about each restaurant, so let us know what you guys prefer! Please leave a comment and share your opinion! We’d love to know!

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