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Is Drake’s old music really better than his new music?


Is popular Canadian rapper Drakes old music better than his new released music? In research I was doing I found that Drake’s “Take Care” album that was released in 2011 is 6 times platinum along with his “Views” album, which was dropped in 2016.

One of his newer albums, “Honestly, Nevermind” only went platinum once. Drakes top 5 selling albums came out in the years 2010-2018. In summer of 2023, I went to see Drake in Seattle and what I noticed was most people were singing along mostly to his older songs. This shows they like the old Drake music better and have not listened to his newer songs enough to have the lyrics burned into their brains.

I took it upon myself to ask 10 of my random friends if they prefer to listen to old Drake music over new Drake music and every person that answered said they liked his old music better because it is more relatable than his newer music, which I definitely agree with.

Drakes older music reaches more into heartbreak, love, dreams. While his newer music also reaches into those things but in a less relatable way. He still is one of the most popular rappers and has come a long way.

I  interviewed one of the biggest drake fans, (in my opinion) my older sister Adriana, who introduced me to Drake’s music back in 2011 when I was 5 years old. “Drakes music will always be good but when his newer albums came out, I found myself skipping more of his songs than when I listen to his older albums,” Adriana said.

I took this question to reddit and got many answers, it really was a toss up. But still most of the people said old Drake really was better.

“I want old Drake back new Drake is just boring,” an anonymous reddit user said.

In reality, Drake’s perspective of life and viewing things changed, therefore his music did as well. Some people liked the switch up, some people didn’t, and some people really just do not care. One thing I did notice the younger the person I asked this question they were more likely to respond with saying they like new Drake better which really could be an age thing.

All these things lead me to say old Drake music is definitely better than his newer music, at least for most people.

In wise words of Drake, “Take Care” everybody.

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