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Why money can buy happiness


Some may say you can’t buy happiness or put a price on it but according to Empowers financial report 60% of Americans said money can buy happiness and some say the price is 1.2 million. Researchers say people who have won the lottery have a higher satisfaction in life. If you had enough money to where you wouldn’t have to stress about bills, school etc. wouldn’t you be happy? Not having to live paycheck to paycheck or having to overwork yourself in a company for the rest of your life.

Achieving a net worth that you can be satisfied for the rest of your life is a goal for many. Inflation only increases over time and not having enough money can affect you and cause stress that could lead to health problems. Debt is also another thing that can cause stress, being debt free can cause happiness and joy and relief. Money is a big part of this life of who we are and our identities and success.

“It’s not about the bigger home or the better vacation. Financial stability helps people escape the everyday hassles of life, says research by Jon Jachimowicz.” Having money, we are quickly to think about luxury things such as vacations, designer clothes, electronics, but we forget cash is an important thing that not having enough can take a toll on your mental health. For example, people with children, if you didn’t have to work so much to be able to provide and could be able to spend more time with your kids, would bring not only happiness for you but for your child as well.

You also need money for your health like if you get sick and need medication or surgeries even dental things. There are many adults that don’t have insurance to cover any of those things. Sometimes people refuse to go and get health care because they don’t have money, so they live in misery. Money can cure and even help save someone’s life. Therefore, money can buy happiness and can bring joy and satisfaction to our life’s. It can help us live a stress-free life and can bring us new opportunities we wish to experience.

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