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Bratz vs Barbie


Bratz or Barbie? Which is the best doll out there? Which is better to own?  It’s finally time to settle this feud between two fashion icons and decide which doll reigns SUPREME!

Here at PHS we, posted a Instagram poll and had the people who viewed it vote. The percentages were 52% for Barbie and 48% for Bratz. Here is what people had to say on why they chose Bratz or Barbie

The first person that replied was Miguel and here is what he chose and why:  “Barbie is what I had chose because, Barbie is more popular and is what everyone has been talking about these days ESPECIALLY about the Barbie movie! the Barbie is very motivating and has made a big impact on a lot of lives. Overall Barbie is very inspirational and more admired then Bratz.”

The second person that we spoke too goes by the name of Ace and here is his choice and reasoning, “Bratz because they look like they know everything about everyone and I’m here for it all!”

The third person that was willing to reply was a girl named Genesis. This is what she chose and why, “I chose Bratz because from the beginning they were always diverse and I’ve always loved the movies and the clothes they wore, they looked very cool to me and I wished I had their style sense.”

The fourth person was a girl named Madison, “Bratz was my choice because Bratz are more relatable and bold and Barbie seems too perfect and fake, not relatable at all. Barbie for me was always perfect, she never had any imperfections, she was always just a pretty face with a skinny waist.”

Last person we interviewed was a student here a PHS, Ivy. She responded with, “Bratz, I think Bratz is way better than Barbie, because in Bratz there has always been diversity and Barbie never had that. Bratz has more than just one race, not just some white female with the perfect body and nothing wrong with her at all, and that’s what Barbie exactly is.”

Well folks it seems to us that Bratz won this poll, who knew that many people preferred Bratz and felt that way towards Barbie, it does sadden us to see that Barbie has made many feel insecure about looks. As kids we really didn’t understand what Barbie was presenting. But maybe others have their own opinion on that. Please let us know what your thoughts are about Barbie vs Bratz in the comments!

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What's up! I'm Alicia or also known as Ali. I'm 17 and I'm a senior here at Pasco High School. I love music a lot, I play guitar and I also write songs. Also considered a master chef. HEHE!

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