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Should high schools have nap time?

Should high schools have nap time?

Have you ever had nap time in pre-school or in kindergarten? It is important for children to take naps but what about teenagers? Should students at Pasco High take naps in school? 

Every day, hundreds, if not, thousands of teenagers stress from school work. Some stay up until late hours barely getting enough sleep as they have to wake up early the next day. Others crave free time, so when they spend most of their hours completing homework, they stay up late to do what they want to do. Some students can’t take naps after school as they have chores or more homework to do.  

What about building a good time management, not being a procrastinator, or try to finish most your work in class so you won’t have much homework after school? Having nap time at our school does not have to be just from loosing sleep but to relax our minds. According to the University of Delaware, nap time improves neurological functioning in teenagers like breathing, digestion, heartbeat, etc. The University of Delaware also says that a 20-30 minute nap can make you feel more alert and focused.  

I had the pleasure of interviewing English teacher, Mrs. Shellito for the opposing side. Here is what she had to say. “No. I think once you started the day you might as well finish it out. Getting up is super hard. We should not have to double that experience on a daily basis. We should, however, begin the school day earlier. There are many studies out there that show starting the school day after 8:30 am has multiple benefits to teens and young adults.” To add to this, taking naps could also make teenagers struggle to fall asleep at night. 

Should we or should we not have nap time at PHS? If not every day, should we have nap time once in a while? 

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  • K

    ken ericksonNov 26, 2023 at 6:28 am

    History class was when I would take a nap. Actually, if kids turned their phones off at night, went to bed at a decent time, then they wouldn’t need a nap. HS is preparing them for adulthood. I didn’t get to nap on the job.