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Yes or no on school uniforms?


How would you feel if Pasco High had to wear uniforms? Would it keep you from stressing out about what to wear every day? Or would you be upset? 

Lots of schools have their students wear uniforms while others don’t, like PHS. Should our school wear uniforms? Would it be so bad? School uniforms may not always look pleasant, but it helps with helping students feel like they all belong. It could even save time with getting ready/picking out an outfit. Uniforms can help students at PHS from noticing economic and community differences. Students can feel more at ease from peer pressure and wearing the latest trends since everyone would be wearing the same thing. This could also reduce bullying. On the other hand, unless the school pays, uniforms can be expensive and not everyone can afford to have one, especially if we were to have seasonal uniforms. Uniforms can also make students feel restricted and not themselves. 

I decided to ask the opinion of History teacher, Mr. Carreno. I had asked him if our school should wear uniforms and this is what he had to say, “This question can be seen in many different ways. On one side, some would say that having a school uniform would be easy for parents to buy school clothes and they would not have to think about it. On another side, some would argue that that having school uniforms would infringe on a student’s individual style and way of dressing. In my view I think that having school uniforms would go a long way to help all students feel they are part of the school. I think in a way, it would be part of helping students to belong.” What do you think? 

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  • E

    EmNov 26, 2023 at 11:00 am

    Yes, to school uniforms. I spent my entire schooling wearing a uniform and until moving to this country over 24 years ago so did my own children. It does not segregate anyone, everyone is the same, unlike seeing children in expensive Nike trainers or high-end clothing whilst others have families who cannot afford or choose not to follow trends. Some of these kids suffer so much bullying because of it. I had many friends with different backgrounds but unless you spoke to us all individually you would not know because we all looked the same and we were all treated the same.