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What People Think about Abortions

The multiple opinions about getting an abortion.

In the ongoing conversations about reproductive rights, abortions stand out as a hotly debated and emotionally charged topic, forcing us to confront the clash between personal freedoms and moral dilemmas. Here in Pasco High, everyone has different opinions on abortions. Many people believe that a woman has the right to make decisions about her own body, health, and well-being, including the decision to have an abortion.

Abortion is a legal medical procedure, and many people believe that individuals should have access to safe and legal abortion services rather than resorting to dangerous and illegal alternatives. Some believe that individuals should have the autonomy to make decisions about their reproductive health, free from judgment or coercion, based on their unique circumstances and priorities. Others believe that abortion can be a necessary and important decision for individuals’ physical and mental health, particularly in cases where the pregnancy is a result of sexual assault or where the fetus has severe abnormalities. Many people believe that access to abortion is essential for gender equality and social justice, as it enables individuals to make choices about their bodies, education, careers, and economic stability.

A student I asked here at Pasco High stated, “We should keep them legal because you don’t know what state someone is in to take care of a child. If they’re in a bad stage or moment in their life, imagine what that baby can go through.” This student stated a good reason as to why abortions should be legal.

People tend to go through many different stages in their life. I think, when someone gets accidentally pregnant and they’re in that bad stage, they could harm themselves or not just themselves but the infant if abortions were to become illegal.

Another opinion on abortions that a student here at Pasco High has is, “People shouldn’t care what another person is doing to their body. If you cared about that person you would support them on the decision they decide to make. You also don’t know their whole story so stating your opinion about the situation could affect them in a bad way. Therefore, it’s better to just support them or if you disagree with their actions you can always step away from that friendship.”

I then went and asked a staff member since most older people think differently than us students do and she stated, “The baby has a right to life as much as you do. You could always put the baby up for adoption and a family who struggles getting pregnant could be blessed with a beautiful baby.”

Many people believe human life begins at conception and that the fetus has the right to life. Some argue that the fetus has the potential to become a fully developed human being and that potential should be respected. People’s religious or moral beliefs dictate that human life is sacred and should be protected from conception to natural death. Some may even think that the fetus feels pain and suffers during the abortion process. A few individuals might think that widespread acceptance of abortion contributes to a disregard for human life or erodes moral values. Banning abortions would not only upset a large number of women, but it could also start long-term protests which could lead to vandalism. Abortion rates are always increasing and decreasing. 1990 has been the year with the most abortions which is 1.6 million. It’s important to acknowledge that opinions on abortion are diverse and deeply personal and also often rooted in moral, ethical, or religious beliefs, and it’s essential to engage in respectful and open-minded dialogue to understand different perspectives.

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