As school ends in less than a month for all of us students and teachers, most of us don’t have much to do for those two months and a half, making many of us stay in-state. However, as cities like Seattle and Portland are a major part of our vacation because of the closeness they are to Tri-cities, we can find ourselves finding fun major attractions within the city though they can be too expensive. A big reason vacations can be so hard for most families is based on the prices of going out for even an entire day but one thing I have found extremely positive during this spring break that is especially perfect for the summer are “City Passes.”

What is a City Pass?

Although many people pay regular prices for several attractions in one day, using City Pass lets you purchase discounted ticket bundles that allow you to meet major attractions for the city you are in, around the United States. For example, purchasing the bundle for Seattle attractions there’s two bundles able to be purchased named Seattle C3 which is recommended for shorter stays giving three attractions of your choice, and Seattle City Pass which gets you admission to five attractions, three of your choice.

What is The Price Difference?

The major difference in purchasing a City Pass is if you’re just doing a mini road trip upstate you save up 31% with the C3 costing around $84 for adults and $64 for children while 43% with the Seattle City Pass that’s $119 for adults (13+) and $89 for a kid (5-12). The big difference of purchasing the City Pass is if purchased individually at the attractions it can be a weight to your pocket for each person that would be invited during your vacation.

Why Seattle?

Relatively speaking, Seattle as a born and raised Washingtonian can turn a bit boring after several trips back and forth every summer, though getting to explore a few new things than just the Pioneer market and Space Needle such as the Pop Culture Museum, Ferries to see Whales, Seattle Art Museum, and much more all can boost the experience of getting a city pass for the stay in Seattle. Although, the increases in property crime and the significant numbers of homeless camps around the city may seem hazardous to be around the city though overall the crime rate compared to any other major city is very low. My recommendation is to keep close to groups, know red-flag neighborhoods, and be more careful at night if walking around.

Altogether, using the City Pass can provide extreme comfort in exploring something new through our own state without going out of state which can cost quite a bit of money, and even days off that you may not have from work. Therefore, this summer try something new and explore our beautiful state with no urge of wasting too much money.