Is Victor Wembanyama Overrated?

Is Victor Wembanyama Overrated?

Victor Wembanyama was the No. 1 overall pick for the 2023 NBA draft, Victor Wembanyama would be selected for the San Antonio Spurs. He reaches a tall 7’4” at nineteen, and plays power forward and center.

Shaquille O’Neal compared Wembanyama to Bol Manute Bol, the 7’2” 23-year-old. He plays power forward and center for the Phoenix Suns. But has only played a total of three games at the time.

“We’ve never seen a guy like Wembanyama. Yes you have, his name is Bol Bol.”

“Bol Bol is the first big guy with that 7’4” with handles that can shoot the three, passing ability. Y’all act like y’all ain’t never seen a big guy before.” Shaquille O’Neal talking in the House of Highlights.

Shaq told him that he’s a great player but how patient is he when he thinks his team and him are ready for a championship contender.

“I’m new here, I’m just learning you know I don’t know yet what it takes to win a championship, but I’m eager to find out and make the sacrifices.” His reply to Shaq after his game against the Phoenix Suns.

According to, “through 10 games, Wembanyama averages 19.7 points per game, 8.8 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 2.4 blocks and 1.1 steals and shoots 44.7% from the field and 29.8% on 3-pointers.”

NBA fans see that Wembanyama has massive potential to be a great player on the court. But during his rookie year, where he’s getting the feel of how it is to be in the organization and playing with other NBA players like Stephen Curry, Lebron James, Anthony Davis, etc. He stills needs time to adjust and develop as a player. Wembanyama gives it all he’s got in each game, but he could be better when time comes. And overhyping him during his rookie year is getting annoying for some NBA fans.

However, when watching him play ball it’s enjoyable to watch. Seeing this man blocking shots, stealing the ball, shooting deep threes, and seeing him moving quickly despite his height. The best part on seeing him play is when he dunks the ball into the hoop with ease.

His teammates know his height and use that to their advantage, during a game against the Timberwolves, Brent Barry #17 for the Spurs, was given the ball, and looking like if he was going for a three pointer, he “shoots” the ball high in the air, but was grabbed by Wembanyama for a dunk. That game Wembanyama scored 29 points and 9 rebounds. They lost though, 115 – 110.

When the Suns were going against the Houston Rockets, Wembanyama blocked the dunk against Jabari Montsho Smith Jr. (#10, Power Forward for the Rockets) And then blocked the shot again on the same play.

Club520Podcast were talking about how that Wembanyama is different, and that “his motor is a little different.” One of the group also said that, “He could be special.”

Victor Wembanyama could be the first rookie of this year to win the award of defensive player of the year. Wembanyama defense is scary when going up against him on the court. He has an 8 foot wingspan that are good at stealing and blocking shots.

We all see that Victor Wembanyama has is a special player with amazing defense and has the mindset to drive on the court. To the new generation people are gonna see him as the next GOAT of the NBA, but us now are seeing that he has the potential, he has the drive, and the skills to play.

Victor Wembanyama is fun to watch play ball on the court from his amazing height, his defense, and his handling and shooting. However, the hype does need to calm down, because we do see the potential and skill of Victor he is a great player, but the hype needs to die down. He is still a player on the court that needs improvements, and when he plays it’s enjoyable to watch.


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