The February 1999 Lakers vs Rockets game

Kobe Bryant vs Scottie Pippen, while Michael Jordan watches.
The February 1999 Lakers vs Rockets game

This was the most anticipated game of that year. Some said the hype was compared to as if it was a Marvel vs DC matchup. Young Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and Dennis Rodman were on the Lakers’ roster. The Houston Rockets had Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, and Hakeem Olajuwon.

The game was also being spectated by Michael Jordan. Once the fans got even a glimpse of Jordan, they began to applaud him. Months after winning a championship, Michael Jordan would announce his retirement, and on the game, he was seen with a bandaged finger. He said that he sliced his finger with a cigar cutter and had to have surgery. Watching the game next to him, was Jack Nicholson.

Pippen went to the Rockets in January 1999, and Dennis Rodman went to the Lakers during the 1989-1999 season. Both teammates were on the Bulls but left their separate ways.

Scottie Pippen wanted to get revenge on Kobe. On February 5th, Kobe would beat Pippen on more rebounds and points. Kobe however, with MJ watching, wanted to prove that Pippen, and no other player, was better than him.

The game didn’t start well for both teams until Dennis Rodman entered the court and got applauded by the fans because of his new hairdo. Dennis Rodman was known for his crazy hairdos, partying, and wearing a dress to marry himself.

Once Kobe and Pippen got on the court Kobe would slam a nasty dunk. Pippen has the ball and runs deep into the center to shoot for a two. Kobe blocks it, and the ball misses the hoop and is rebounded by Kobe to be taken to the Lakers side where Kobe is defended by Scottie, he runs into center, moves to his left, and scores a two on Pippen.

Pippen would bring it back against Kobe scoring on him twice. Kobe with the ball slips past two defenders and scores a two. Going against Pippen again, Kobe transitions the ball between the legs following a smooth pull-up before shooting to score the two on Pippen. Pippen takes it back against the Lakers by being open for a three.

Kobe would rebound the ball turning it back to the Lakers side, passing it to #6 Eddie Jones for him to shoot. And to embarrass Pippen, Kobe would fake going left, making Pippen “follow” only for Kobe to get back to jump shot a three. While running back after scoring, Kobe shakes his head in a “No” movement looking at Micheal Jordan. All Micheal did, was smile.

“That’s all I needed for him to do that, and it became personal with me.” Micheal Jordan says in an interview.

Towards the end of the game, after Shaq scored free throws, Pippen attempts to drive for a score, but Kobe is there on him, chasing him, not leaving him. Pippen attempts a jump shot, and Kobe rips the ball out of his arms. He then yells “YES!” passing the ball to a ref all while having a killer-looking face.

“So this means something to Kobe, even though the game is locked up. Bryant having his moments against Pippen.” A broadcaster says after Kobe grabs the ball from Pippen.

“He realizes Scottie Pippen is a six-time world champion and he’s one of the top 50 all-time players,” Another broadcaster added to the news.

Kobe has the ball, trying to find a way inside the center. #34 Shaq screens against Pippen for Kobe to come behind and shoot a two-pointer. After that, Tom Donovich asks for a time-out to pull the starters back into the sidelines, for the game to end.

Pippen was one of the greatest transition players in NBA history, and Kobe overcame him in that game with Michael Jordan watching him, knowing Bryant’s intentions on wanting to destroy Pippen.

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Houston Rockets, 106-90.


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