Seattle during New Year’s


I think everyone in Pasco knows Seattle and might even have been there at least once in their life. I have noticed that people have very different opinions about Seattle. Some people really like the city and others think it’s just dirty and dangerous there. I went to Seattle for New Years. My family and I stayed in this beach house in west Seattle for three days. We were down the street from this famous viewpoint called Hamilton viewpoint park, where you can see the skyline of the city. This skyline was really beautiful, especially at night. My family and I did not really go into the city so in my opinion Seattle is just a really pretty city. We were in Seattle to celebrate New Year’s there. However, it was not as special as we thought it would be. On December 31st, we went to the skyline viewpoint again around midnight. It was very busy there because everyone expected a lot of fireworks. When we finally found a spot to watch the skyline it turned midnight and the fireworks started. The only place where fireworks were coming from was from the famous Space Needle. The rest of the city was completely quiet. There were not as many fireworks in the city as we expected, but the ones around the space needle were still really pretty! Around 12.15 the fireworks stopped, and everyone left. There were some drunk people lighting some of their own fireworks, so I guess people were right when they said Seattle can be dangerous. However, I don’t think it’s worse than any other big city. I’m not sure if Seattle during New Year’s is something you really must experience in your life, but I do think it’s a very pretty city everyone should visit.