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  • May 31- Auto Show
  • May 30- Senior Awards Night
  • May 29- Bulldog House Opening
  • May 29- Bilingual Math Night
  • May 24- Last Senior Meeting
  • May 14th: National Honor Society Induction; 6-7pm in Library
  • Early Release: May 15th
  • Senior meeting in PHS gym: May 15th
  • Golden Bulldogs: May 16th
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ATTENTION SENIORS: Upcoming or currently happening things you should know


Graduation is approaching fast for most seniors, and while that may be the main event on everyone’s minds, there are a couple of other events happening that seniors may want to know throughout the rest and May and the first week of June before graduation. In this article I will go through these events and when they will happen, as well as what will happen in them so you can be adequately prepared for those days. Please keep in mind that not all of these events will be major or mandatory for everybody, but are still worth knowing about at least.

  • April 3oth-May 16th: Currently happening smaller thing, Senior yard signs are still on sale for only $20 from the FCCLA club. Orders will close next week on Thursday the 16th, so get yours while you still can if you want to decorate your yard with one.

  • May 15th: This Wednesday is an early release day for everyone, but seniors will need to return to the school at 12:30 PM, as there will be a mandatory senior meeting going on in the auditorium. You will be required to wear your cap and gown, so make sure it’s clean and ready to be worn by then.
  • May 23rd: On this Thursday, Ms. Zaragoza, the CTE Community Engagement Manager here as PHS, will be taking 8 seniors on a field trip to the Future Fest happening in Kennewick. This will be a place to learn about future career opportunities and options, and you will meet different employers, colleges, and training providers. It will be around two hours and will take up your 5th and 6th periods, and you will have to stop by at room 173A for the permission form if you’re interested, though only 8 seniors will be picked to go.

  • May 24th: The final senior meeting will be held on this Friday during EI. It is a mandatory meeting, so you can not skip or ignore it, you MUST attend it, or else there’s a chance you won’t graduate. Most likely this meeting will be reminding seniors of the seat picking, as well as a few other things of high importance.
  • May 28-31 and June 3rd-4th: On these dates, you will be picking out the seats you want to sit in during graduation. You do not want to miss it, or else you’re gonna have to be assigned a seat, and probably a bad seat as well, so make sure you attend these. The recommended time to go is on the very first day, May 28th, that way you can get first choice of the best seats and won’t risk missing out on them.
  • June 5th: There will be a senior party on this day at the Fairchild Cinema near the Walmart on Road 68. Though the specific details about what will be happening here are unknown at this time, there will most likely be dancing, food, and of course, movies since this is a theater. Price is also unknown at the moment, but it will most likely be around the same price as prom tickets were, so somewhere around 15-20 dollars each.


And that is all senior events and things currently known to be happening/ready to happen. Remember, a few are not required for graduation, like the yard sign or party, the majority are, so it’s best to mark any calendars you have with these important dates so you won’t miss them. Otherwise, there is a chance you won’t be able to graduate on time if you miss one of these even if you have everything else ready and done. So be prepared, and don’t ignore these.

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