College Isn’t For Everyone

College Isnt For Everyone

Have you thought about college yet? Most seniors have received emails from colleges and universities, in-state and out of state. Many students are still debating whether to attend college or not. Some are thinking about not attending college at all or simply going to a community college. There are students that want to attend college but don’t have the money for tuition or can’t get scholarships and can’t get financial aid, so they have to be satisfied with a diploma.  

A lot of students feel like they’re required to attend because of family members pressuring them or judging them. There are students who have everything they need to go to college without a problem and still don’t want to attend and that’s okay, because college isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t like school, so they don’t want to spend more years of their life reading books and writing papers. College can be expensive, and some people just don’t want the debt for their future. Most of the people that attend college attend because they’re aiming for a stable job for something they love or for a career they want. Some also attend to receive a degree that can get you jobs that have good pay.  

According to research, colleges cause a lot of stress on students, especially for those who also work. Every 6 of 10 students have reported that they felt so stressed they weren’t able to get work done on several occasions. 55 percent of students, nationally, claimed their biggest stressor is academic in nature. College tends to increase the amount of responsibilities which is what causes students more stress. Many students create a schedule because studies show that when you have managed your time it causes less stress.  

In conclusion, it’s okay to not go to college, because you just don’t like school or because you don’t know your path yet. Some people go for an AA degree and still don’t know what they want to major in. You shouldn’t feel pressured to attend college because school isn’t for everyone. A lot of people don’t even want to major in anything, they just want to work an easy and small job. Some people just don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on books and on campus expenses. Although there are many people who won’t stay on campus, there are still many expenses. Therefore, college isn’t for everyone.