Best School Lunches at PHS


We all know the cafeteria lunches. Some people like them, and some people think they’re disgusting. A lot of upperclassmen go out for lunch because they rather pay for their lunch than get the free food from our school. But some people eat lunch at school every day. That’s why I thought it would be a fun idea to look at what the four best lunches are in my opinion and then look at the opinion of some of my friends.  

 I think the school lunches are alright, but here are my favorites: 

  1. The parfaits: what can go wrong with a parfait? It’s just yogurt, strawberries, and some granola. They are delicious and will always be my first option if they serve them. Unfortunately, the parfaits are not served regularly. 
  2. Pizza: Pasco High’s school pizza is actually not that bad. It’s just a pizza and there is not a lot that could go wrong with that. I also think the whole-grain crust is really good. The hot sauce option is a nice little extra as well. 
  3. Orange chicken with noodles: I think these are a nice sweet and salty combination. I do have to say it is always a hit or miss with this one. Sometimes the noodles taste funny and other days the chicken does. But if it’s all good it really is one of my favorites.  
  4. Salad: the salads at Pasco High are decent. The meat that’s in the salads is a little questionable sometimes, but overall it’s just a salad. Not many ways you could mess that up. The ranch option for the salad is also a great thing in my opinion.  

 I asked some of my friends what their favorite lunches at school are and these were their most answered lunches:  

  1. Pizza 
  2. Orange chicken (with noodles) 
  3. Parfait 
  4. Chicken strips 
  5. Cheese sticks with marinara sauce 
  6. Pozole