Harry Styles: Love on Tour


Anna Lisa Castillo, comment tracker

Songs in the Fine Line Album

  • Golden
  • Watermelon sugar
  • Adore you
  • Lights up
  • Cherry
  • Falling
  • To be so lonely
  • She
  • Sunflower, Vol.6
  • Canyon moon
  • Treat people with kindness
  • Fine line

Harry Styles is infamous for being incredibly interactive and kind to his fans. During the concert that took place in Tacoma, Washington on Sunday night, Harry continued being an incredible performer. He began the night by stating “If you want to sing, if you want to dance, feel free to do whatever it is you want to do in this room tonight”. The English actor has the most mesmerizing accent and voice. He continuously leaves the crowd, absolutely stunned. Throughout the “love on tour” concert, he danced and skipped all night, throughout his songs. Some could argue that Harry is a born performer and entertainer. He proceeded to read many of the fans homemade signs and responded and interacted with the crowd. He had the fans laughing, singing, and dancing all night. Harry styles wore a lavender blouse and suspenders with teal flare pants, it was an incredible outfit. He also seemed to be a sincere and genuine person. He continuously thanked his fans and his band members, as well as those who worked backstage. Harry said that he was so grateful for everyone who helped him get to where he was. Even all the fans at the show, proved to be very kind people, and the energy was very positive and happy. Additionally, Jenny Lewis, who opened the show, brought such amazing and positive energy. She even showed off her new song: “puppy and a truck”. She has a different music style than Harry Styles does but their music went so well together. It seems the crowd loved her performance; I know I did. My personal favorite of the whole concert was also reviewed on by The Rolling Stones. They said “Love on Tour is a bawdier party, full of dancing from both Styles and the crowd. … It quickly morphed into a cover of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” a song Styles really doesn’t need to do but has such a blast singing that I hope he keeps it in his shows forever.” Additionally, the Seattle Times accurately stated that “Harry Styles brought fans to emotional highs and lows at Tacoma Dome stop of Love on Tour”. The show was incredible in so many ways, including emotionally investing fans, the way Harry did. For me and my friends, personally it was our favorite concert any of us have ever been to. At some point, we were all laughing and smiling. But during hits like “Falling”, it was a little more touching and personal, leading some in the stadium to tears. Some songs in the album were about love and happiness; other songs focused on heartbreak and overall, what it is like losing someone or losing yourself. Overall, it was an amazing concert and was definitely worth going. If you have a chance to go to a Harry Styles concert, take it because you won’t regret it because it’s a “once in a lifetime” experience.